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  14-Day Free Evaluation

Thank you for your interest in evaluating our FME spatial data translation and transformation software. Just follow these simple steps to download a time limited, fully functional Windows NT/95/98/ME/2000/XP version of FME Suite or FME for GE Smallworld (to evaluate FME for GE Smallworld you will also need to download some additional Magik code).

Please contact us if you prefer to receive your FME free evaluation on CD or if you are interested in evaluating FME on UNIX platforms

See the changes that have been made in the current build.

Note: The free evaluation versions of FME Suite are intended for you to try FME before you buy. Please contact us if you are experiencing difficulties downloading or if you would like to purchase FME Suite.

Step 1 - Remove any existing FME Suite software

If you have any existing FME Suite software on your machine, it is important that you uninstall it before installing the new FME Suite software.

Step 2 - Download FME Suite


Download the FME Suite self-installer by clicking on one of the links below:

FME Suite 2002 SR-1  (28.0 MB)  (28.0 MB)  (28.0 MB)

Or simply download

FME Suite  Beta version
FME Suite 200X Beta

Step 3 - Install the software

Double click the .EXE file, and follow the instructions on the screen. Please read the README.TXT after the installation is complete.

Step 4 - Obtain an FME Suite Registration Code

Use our online evaluation code generator to get a Registration Code. Note: only one free evaluation is permitted per machine using the online system. Please contact us if you require an additional free evaluation - you will need to provide us with your 10 digit Registration Key and a reason for needing an additional free evaluation.

Step 5 - Install the FME Suite Registration Code

Once you have received your Registration Code from Safe Software, select Register from the FME's Help menu. Enter the code. Your evaluation copy of the FME Suite will be enabled.

Step 6 - Download FME Suite Documentation

FME 'how to install' for  Windows (63.1 KB) and UNIX (42.0 KB).

For a quick introduction to FME, read the FME QuickStart Guide (483 KB).

To perform simple translations, there is no need to look at the complete FME Suite documentation. However, if you wish to unlock the power of FME Suite, we recommend you work through the FME User Manual (1.63 MB).

The easiest way to acquaint yourself with FME is to watch the FME movies, consisting of a set of ".avi" screen captures of FME in action, solving a variety of problems. You'll need to download and unzip them, and then use a media player such as Windows Media Player to view them.

If you wish to learn how to create FME mapping file scripts, the FME Tutorial and Solutions Guide (2.84 MB) contains sample data and a set of exercises to work through.

To successfully set up your own FME mapping files, you must also gain an understanding of the fundamentals of FME. The FME Foundation Manual (1.36 MB) will provide you with details of how the FME translation engine as a whole works.

The FME Functions, Factories, and Transformers Manual (1.51 MB) contains a detailed reference of all the processing capabilities available to you in both FME mapping file scripts as well as when you are using FME Workbench.

For detailed reference information on each of the formats FME can read and/or write, consult the FME Readers and Writers Manual. Typical users will only be interested in one or two of the many readers and writers covered in this manual. Download the manual in full (4.38 MB)or by format (view a current list of readers and writers in the pdf).

The FME Objects Documentation (595KB) is also available.

Note: Download the free Adobe Acrobat reader (3.83 MB) to view and print these documents.




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