What’s New in ArcInfo 8 (5 days)

This five-day course provides an introduction to the ArcInfo 8 applications, ArcMap, ArcCatalog, and
ArcToolbox, for experienced users of other ESRI GIS software products. It provides an excellent
foundation before moving on to more application-focused courses such as Introduction to Programming
ArcObjects with VBA. Although the course covers similar topics as Introduction to ArcGIS I and II (for
ArcView 8, ArcEditor 8, and ArcInfo 8), the software is covered in more detail with less emphasis on basic
GIS concepts. Students who want to learn how to use the new applications and basic GIS concepts should
enroll in Introduction to
ArcGIS I and II (for ArcView 8, ArcEditor 8, and ArcInfo 8).
This course is for existing experienced ArcInfo Workstation or ArcView 3.x users who understand basic GIS
concepts, such as projections, topology, and table relationships, but want to learn how to use ArcMap,
ArcCatalog, and ArcToolbox.
· Create maps with and edit in ArcMap
· Explore data with ArcCatalog
· Use geoprocessing operations with ArcToolbox
· Work with geometric networks
· Use different types of customizations
· Work with metadata
· Set up a geoprocessing server
· Customize the ArcMap and ArcCatalog interface
· Create and use geodatabase attribute validation rules
· Create and use geodatabases
· Build graphs and reports
· Create labels and annotation
· Geocode locations
Topics covered
Software overview: Existing and new applications Working with ArcMap: Overview of the interface;
Maps and layers; Exploring data; Selecting features; Examining tables; Designing a map; Building map
Working with ArcCatalog: Introduction to the geodatabase; Overview of the interface; Viewing and
managing data; Working with layers and documentation; Creating geodatabases
Working with ArcToolbox: Overview of the interface; Toolbox options; Working with tools and
wizards; Data conversion tools; Adding custom tools; Using the geoprocessing server
The geodatabase: The new data model; Working with the geodatabase; Working with geodata objects;
Using versions
Editing in ArcMap: Simple editing; Editing attributes; Creating a sketch; Snapping; Editing tasks;
Creating features from other features; Properties; Complex feature construction
Geometric networks: Using utility networks; Solving network problems; Understanding network
features; Setting directions, flags, barriers, and weights; Analyzing network problems; Creating networks
Customizing options: VBA scripts; Extending functionality; Creating a stand-alone application;
Extending the data model
Prerequisites and recommendations
Participants must know how to complete basic GIS tasks with ARC/INFO 7.x or ArcView 3.x.
Registrants for this course should know the following:
· The coverage data model
· Topological overlay
· Basic ArcInfo skills (managing coverages, issuing geoprocessing commands, and running macros)
Table relationships