From Zero to Hero , GIS Training Using QGIS,
PostGIS, GeoServer and OpenLayers
(3 Days)

Training Description

This 3 days course is to take teach people with existing knowledge in GIS Dektop, Spatial Database and Web GIS the technoques to get from creating maps on the desktop and creating maps to be displayed on the web.
Pre-requesites : At least 2 years experience in using commercial software such as Intergraph, Esri, MapInfo.
Knowledge of how to use Apache Tomcat is recommended.

  Class participants learn how to

Day 1. QGIS:
Section 1. Familiarize with QGIS Interface
Section 2:. Learn how to add Layers
Section 3:. Creating  Basic maps
Section 4:. Loading and creating Vector Data
Section 5:. Data Analysis
Section 6:. Adding Plugins to QGIS

Day 2. Postgres.PostGIS:
Section 1: Introduction to PostGIS
Section 2: Installation, different ways to Install PostGres/PostGIS
Section 3: Creating a Spatial Database
Section 4: Loading spatial data with QGIS
Section 5: Simple SQL techniques and Exercises
Section 7: Geometries querying and Exercises
Section 9: Spatial Relationships queries and Exercises
Section 12: Spatial Joins and Exercises
Section 13: Spatial Indexing
Section 14: Projecting Data
Section 15: Projection Exercises

Day 3. GeoServer and OpenLayers
Section 1: Installing GeoServer/ OpenLayers
Section 2: GeoServer Interface / Administration
Section 3: Web GIS Concepts (Protocols)
Section 4: Adding Layers
Section 5: Styling Layers on GeoServer (Introducing - uDIG)
Section 6: Final Project: From Zero to Hero - From Desktop GIS to Web GIS

Duration:  Three (3) days

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