Introduction to ArcView GIS (3.x)

Training Description

This two-day course provides a conceptual overview and hands-on experience using ArcView GIS software. It teaches basic ArcView GIS functionality and enables participants to quickly take advantage of the software’s powerful display and analysis capabilities. Attendees are introduced to the ArcView GIS GUI and use ArcView GIS to create, edit, display, query, and analyze geographic and tabular data and create presentation-quality maps and charts.

  Class participants learn how to

  Display data in a view
  Create and edit data
  Query a database
  Perform geocoding
  Create maps for presentation

Topics covered

ArcView GIS overview:

Capabilities and applications; Interacting with the ArcView GIS GUI; Projects and documents; Using ArcView GIS online help.

ArcView GIS views and themes:

Creating views to display geo-graphic data (themes); Creating themes from x,y coordinates; Setting a view’s map projection; Manipulating the symbology and classification scheme for each theme; Labeling themes.

ArcView GIS tables:

Creating an ArcView GIS table from a variety of tabular data sources; Selecting from a table; Joining and linking multiple tables; Modifying the structure of a table; Editing values in a table; Creating a chart for presenting tabular data.

Creating and editing themes:

Using ArcView GIS to create ShapeFiles; Adding and editing ShapeFile features; Updating attribute information; Geocoding street addresses.

Spatial query and analysis:

Selecting features based on relation-ships between multiple themes; Merging theme features.

ArcView GIS layouts:

Creating a final map for presentation and printing; Combining views, tables, charts, images, north arrows, logos, and scale bars to create a final map.


Introduction to ArcView GIS (3.x) is for those with little or no desktop mapping or GIS experience; however, registrants should know how to use windowing software.

Duration:  Two (2) days

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