Introduction to ArcGIS II (for ArcView , ArcEditor
, and ArcInfo) (3 days)

This three-day course follows Introduction to ArcGIS I (for ArcView 9, ArcEditor 9, and ArcInfo 9) and
continues to present important concepts and functionality for successfully working with ArcGIS. With further
exploration of ArcMap, ArcCatalog, and ArcToolbox, students focus on spatial analysis, automation of
spatial and attribute data, editing, and advanced options for cartographic display and reports. Hands-on
exercises teach ArcGIS procedures in the context of solving real-world problems. Examples and exercises
use data from a variety of application areas. A portion of the class is reserved for carrying out an analysis
project and applying many of the new skills and techniques learned in this course. Students conduct queries,
perform spatial analysis, and present their results in a hard-copy map and report.
This course is designed for those with fundamental knowledge of ArcGIS and geographic information
systems in general.
Perform spatial analysis
Manage geographic data
Perform geocoding
Display points and lines from event tables
Automate data through heads-up digitizing
Convert data from other formats
Edit spatial and attribute data
Create and use metadata
Produce high-quality maps and reports
Topics covered
Spatial analysis and data management: Buffers; Spatial overlays; Extracting features for analysis;
Analytical methods and tools
Geocoding and display of dynamic segmentation: Address geocoding; Dynamic display of linear and
point events; Data automation; Data sources; Georeferencing; Digitizing; Data conversion
Editing: Tools for creating and editing spatial data; Editing attribute data
Project management: Database organization; File and directory naming conventions; Creating and using
Cartography: Advanced symbology and labeling

Prerequisites and recommendations
This course is for those who have completed Introduction to ArcGIS I (for ArcView 9, ArcEditor 9, and
ArcInfo 9) or Migrating from ArcView 3.x to ArcView 9 (instructor-led or Web-based course). If one of the
prerequisite courses is not completed, a student should have comparable experience with ArcGIS before
taking this course.
The course also provides students with the fundamental ArcGIS knowledge and experience needed to enroll
in Creating and Managing Geodatabases (for ArcEditor 9 and ArcInfo 9).