Hands-On Avenue  Training course (5 days)

Training Outlines

5-days Hand-On Avenue Training Outlines:
This hands-on avenue training covers the main ArcView components/ properties that could be modified and
automated using Avenue scripting language. The training would help the students to start using Avenue and
become power users of ArcView.
The course outlines are as follow:
Day 1:
1. Introduction to Avenue.
2. What is ArcView customization?
3. Using Avenue help in ArcView.
4. My first script using Avenue.
5. Opening ArcView Documents using Avenue.
6. Creating new documents using Avenue.
Day 2
1. Avenue and Dialog boxes.
2. Avenue and the lists.
3. Manipulating View components.
4. Manipulating Numbers, Strings and Dates with Avenue.
5. Manipulating tables in Avenue (Ftab /Vtab).
6. Retrieving and updating data from tables.
Day 3
1. Creating tables in ArcView using Avenue.
2. Manipulating shapes (Polygons, polylines and points) using Avenue.
3. Getting Shape Information.
4. Modifying shapes’ vertices using Avenue.
5. Creating new shapes using Avenue.
Day 4
1. Graphics and Avenue.
2. Labels.
3. Manipulating Layouts with Avenue.
Day 5
Workshop and exercise.