FME Server Authoring Training Course (2 days)

Course Description


Duration: One or two days of training from a Certified FME Trainer
Course outline: View the current course outline

Course Outline

This course provides a framework for authoring workspaces and running them in  FME Server. This helps users to have more understanding about the techniques to be able to run FME Server or workspaces online trhough internet or Intranet.

Course Contents:

   1.  FME Desktop vs FME Server and FME Server Licensing (discussion)
   2.  FME Cloud (discussion)
   3.  Introduction to FME Server
   4.  Running Workspaces on FME Server
   5.  Self-Serve with FME Server
   6.  Real time with FME Server
   7.  Automation with FME Server