FME Desktop Basic Training Course (2 days)

Course Description


This course is provided by an FME certified trainer and certified professional.

Learn from the experts on how to use the essential components and capabilities in our FME Desktop course, which include extensive hands-on, problem-solving exercises.

Learning Objectives:

   • Build complex translations using FME Workbench
   • View and inspect data using the FME Data Inspector
   • Apply best practices to large workspaces
   • Manipulate data geometry and attributes with transformers
   • Work with multiple datasets in a single workspace
   • Create low-maintenance, reusable workspaces

This training teaches the users to use the powerful features of FME to solve spatial and attribute data translation problems at our two-day training course. These courses are offered on a regular basis.

Who should attend:

    • "GIS professionals involved in data translation or conversion projects
    • "FME users who want to learn more about the many customizable product features
    • "GIS Professionals planning to develop web-based data delivery systems

Course Outline
The full course is made up of five main sections. These sections are:

    1. Data Translation Basics    
    2. Data Transformation
    3. FME Best Practice
    4. Readers and Writers
    5. Practical Transformer Use